bitter-sweet realistic drama

Thursday, July 13th 20.00h  MITRA

Cast: Sara Horžen, Žiga Čamernik
Acting Coach: Janez Vajevec
Production: Studio bratov Vajevec

In the early morning, bizzare things begin to happen at a bordello. A tired prostitute wants to sleep, but is interrupted by a man knocking on the door. A strong desire to fulfill unusual sexual fantasies and man's payment for services lead to determination to take what he thinks he's entitled to. The prostitute faces the harsh reality and realizes that she has no choice but to surrender. It is then that we enter the world of both protagonists' calvary.

The actors researched the characters they portray in the play with the help of Lee Strasberg's method. It is based on life experiences, which are recalled by sense memory. With each performance, the actors strive for improvisation and looking for the momentary impulse and inspiration for genuine experience, so the play is unique each time it is performed.

The play is based upon Snow Angel by Lewis John Carlino.