Bojan Ekselenski

Bojan Ekselenski (b. 1964) is the president of the Celje Literary Society. His work is published in various Slovenian literary magazines and various foreign collections. To October 2019 he has published 14 printed books and the same number of e-books. He also co-edited the only two recently published anthologies of Slovenian fantastic literature. Since 2016 he is the editor of Supernova, the only Slovenian printed fantastic literature magazine. He is actively promoting quality fantastic literature, which is one of the most overlooked literary fields in Slovenia.

Since 2017, on behalf of the Celje Literary Society, he is the organizer of Fanfest, Slovenian Fantasy Literature Festival, the only event of this kind, dedicated mostly to a small flock of Slovenian authors of fantasy.

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Grossmann Fantastic Film And Wine Festival
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