Christina Lindberg - Grossmann's Guest of Honour 2019

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We are thrilled to announce that the legendary Swedish actress Christina Lindberg will be the guest of honour of this year's Grossmann, where she will receive the Honorary Vicious Cat for outstanding contribution to genre cinema.

Christina Lindberg is one of the most remarkable icons of 70s exploitation cinema. Her role of one-eyed avenger in cult classic Thriller: A Cruel Picture inspired Quentin Tarantino for his Kill Bill movies. Even before that, her roles in sexploitation movies made her Sweden’s sex symbol No.1.

Over the course of the 70s, she appeared in 23 films, from Scandinavian erotica (Maid in Sweden, Exponerad), German sex comedies (Schulmädchen-Report 4, Was Schulmädchen verschweigen) and collaboration with American sexploitation auteur Joe Sarno (Every Afternoon, Young Playthings) to Norifumi Suzuki’s cult pinku eiga extravaganza Sex and Fury. Standing out from the rest is Thriller: A Cruel Picture, a completely unique fusion of arthouse aesthetics, sexploitation and shocking violence, where she portrays one of the most iconic genre heroines with unmatched intensity.

Of course, this cult masterpiece will be screened in a special retrospective, along with documentary Christina Lindberg: The Original Eyepatch Wearing Butt Kicking Movie Babe. And there's more, for Christina Lindberg will also present her new horror film Black Circle, directed by Adrián García Bogliano, winner of the Vicious Cat 2016 for Scherzo Diabolico.

More information coming soon, so keep checking our site and get ready for another round of fantastic film and divine wine!

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