Grossmann Among the World's 50 Best Genre Fests

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MovieMaker Magazine from the USA, the world's most widely read independent film magazine, has named Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival as one of World's 50 Best Genre Fests of 2021!

This year, the expert jury, assembled by producer Alok Mishra, whose horror hit 1BR scored the No.1 spot on Netflix earlier this fall, expanded the list to 50 festivals covering 40 cities, six continents and 16 countries.

In 2013, Grossmann Festival was voted one of the 5 Coolest Horror/Sci-Fi Film Festivals in the World by MovieMaker Magazine readers, while their expert jury named Grossmann one of the 30 Bloody Best Genre Fests in the World 2019.

We thank the MovieMaker Magazine & the panelists and congratulate all other festivals on this prestigious list. 

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