Šaht and Odpisani in the Music Program


On Friday, July 19, a ferocious HC/punk gig awaits you at this year's Grossmann with Serbian streetpunk legends Šaht and Slovenian hard core grandmasters Odpisani.

Šaht was formed in 1989 in Belgrade. With their energetic and catchy songs with angry and direct lyrics, they have become one of the most popular streetpunk bands in ex-Yugoslavia. This year they are celebrating their 30th anniversary, so make sure you'll join them in celebration at the exclusive concert at Grossmann Festival!


Odpisani 1536 x 1026

HC punk band Odpisani was formed in 1995. The same year saw the release of their self-titled debut EP, which was followed by albums Preobrat (1997) and Partisan Hard Core (2000). After few years of hiatus, they returned with ferocious album Šah Mat (2014), followed in last year with Prva vrsta, produced by legendary Tue Madsen.


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