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This year, our Vicious Cat Wine Champion competition will feature five wines: WTF – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Templar Estate & Tourist Farm Hlebec), Muscat Otonel (Kaučič Winery), Pinot Gris (Gjerkeš Winery), Chardonnay (Frangež Sparkling Wine House) and Fragrant Traminer (Steyer).

Guests of the wine program are oenologist and member of L'orde des coteaux de Champagne Alojz Filipič, wine expert Bruno Gaberšek and Slovenian Wine Queen Meta Frangež.

All wine program events will take place at the Main Square in Ljutomer.

The wines and wineries from the competition program will present themselves at the festival opening ceremony on Tuesday, July 16th at 18:00h, and on Thursday, July 18th at 18:30h at the public wine tasting where Alojz Filipič, guest of the Wine Program, will give his expert opinion on each of the competing wines. The wine tasting will be attended by this year's Slovenian Wine Queen Meta Frangež. The award for the best wine will be given by Alojz Filipič and Meta Frangež at the closing ceremony on Saturday, July 20th at 12:00h. Bruno Gaberšek will conduct the event entitled Sparkling Wines of Slovenia on Friday, July 19th at 19.30h.

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