Dejan Ognjanović

18. 07. 2019, 17:30, Kraner's cellar

Ghoul1 1344 x 640

Dejan Ognjanović will present new titles in the book series „Poetics of Horror“, a line of horror classics unique in the Balkans: a new translation of H. P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness and a new, expanded edition of Necronomicon, with Lovecraft's best tales; plus, Robert Aickman's Wine-Dark Sea, Roland Topor's The Tenant and Thomas Ligotti's Noctuary..
Dejan will also present his two latest books: The Cult of Ghoul: The First 10 Years – a selection of the best writings (2009-2019) from his popular horror blog, and In Vivo, the third edition of his cult horror novel about a Serbian cinephile who comes accross an occult video recording which starts reshaping his perception of war-time (1990s) reality...

Ghoul2 1240 x 635 


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