Monsters of Breka

17. 07. 2019, 23:55, Kraner's cellar

BREKAfinal 1200 x 628

In collaboration with Breka Fest

MBURNS (Croatia)

DARK SPHERE (Murska Sobota)

SMRT (Turnišče)

Door: 5€

MBurns was formed in 2006. In 2011, they released their first, self-titled album, followed by cover EP From Cover To Cover. They released their second album More To Life Than This in 2017.


Dark Sphere is a Symphonic Black Metal band from the Prekmurje region in Slovenia. Their mission is to explore the mysteries of the almighty Universe and channel it into the music for you.


Smrt was formed in 2017. They released demo Aspect of Emotion and EPs The Will to Power and Third Eye Open.

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