Prlekian Singers-Songwriters - On the Same Stage for the First Time

19. 07. 2019, 21:30, Bar Mitra Open Air Stage

Prleski kantavtorji1





Singer and guitarist in band Mojca studied at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. The turning point for Mojca Prejac was winning the 12th Singer-Songwriter Festival in Ruše, after which she concentrated on her original material and started a collaboration with guitarist Domen Gnezda.

Tadej Vesenjak is the loudest Prlekian among singers-songwriters and the most Prlekian singer-songwriter amnog Prlekians. His lyrics are personal, cynical, humorous, angry, romantic, sad… as is life itself. His music is a blend of folk and blues with the addition of rock and sometimes reggae.

Samo Budna is a singer-songwriter from Ljutomer. He plays violin, guitar and piano. He was in groups Marko banda and Posodi mi jürja. He started his solo career in 2008 and has released albums Manj je več(2009) and Za nazaj in za naprej(2015). He also plays violin for Vlado Kreslin and Beltinška banda.

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