The Witch from Blackwood

16. 07. 2019, 21:00, Open Air Cinema Main Square


From 1546 to 1746, there were many victims of witch trials in Slovenian Styria; from the first trial in 1546 in Maribor, to the last one in Radgona.

During those dark centuries, numerous bloody witch trials were held, from Šoštanj, Celje, Podčetrtek, Maribor and Vurberk to Hrastovec, Lenart, Ptuj, Podlehnik, Ormož, Radgona, Veržej and Ljutomer, growing more brutal and affecting more people with the passing of time.

With The Witch from Blackwood, culture club Delavec Lenart will bring to life the legend of the tragic love between young count Friderik Herberstein, the heir of Hrastovec estate, and Agata Nürnberger, low ranking aristocrat from the castle of Štralek. Friderik's mother Margareta is opposed to their relationship since she has already chosen a richer wife for him.

When Margareta finds out that young lovers have married in secrecy, she is joined by the castle judge Trenak in devising a hellish plan to get rid of the unwanted bride.

Organized in association with JSKD - Območna izpostava Ljutomer!

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