The Field Guide to Evil

117', Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Poland, Turkey, USA 2018
Language: German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish , Subtitles: eng, slo

fieldguide still 1440 x 810

Eight stories that take the inspiration from folklore and mythology from all around the world. Eight faces of ancient evil.

In this atmospheric anthology, producers Ant Timpson and Tim League (known for cult favourites such as The ABCs of Death series, Turbo Kid and The Greasy Strangler) unite some of today’s most important genre directors. Among others, Peter Strickland (Berberian Sound Studio), Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz (Goodnight Mommy), Can Evrenol (Baskin) and Agnieszka Smoczynska (The Lure) provide their takes on various folklore motifs.

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Directed by: Ashim Ahluwalia, Can Evrenol, Severin Fiala & Veronika Franz, Katrin Gebbe, Calvin Lee Reeder, Agnieszka Smoczynska, Peter Strickland, Yannis Veslemes
Written by: Robert Bolesto, Elif Domanic, Can Evrenol, Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz, Katrin Gebbe, Calvin Reeder, Peter Strickland, Yannis Veslemes, Silvia Wolkan
Cinematography by: Martin Gschlacht, Márk Györi, Christos Karamanis, Kuba Kijowski, Meryem Yavuz
Music by: Jeremy Barnes, Nicholas Brawley, Yannis Veslemes, Stefan Will
Cast: Claude Duhamel, Sarah Navratil, Jilon VanOver, Birgit Minichmayr, Kannon Hicks, Vangelis Mourikis
Produced by: Ant Timpson, Tim League
Production Company: Timpson Films
Genre: horror

20. 07. 2019, 18:00
Culture House Cinema

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