Uncle Peckerhead

96', USA 2020
Language: English , Subtitles: slo

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Right before the start of their first tour, punk rock trio DUH loses their van. While desperately searching for a replacement, they encounter a guy who offers his duties as driver and roadie. But he forgets to mention that he occasionally turns into a man-eating demon.

If you thought that punk rock tours are romantic and glamorous, Matthew John Lawrence’s feature debut will smash your illusions to pieces. This endearing mix of road movie, horror and comedy, boasting a true raw punk rock spirit, will tickle your funny bone (after stripping it of flesh) at this year’s Grossmann with its blood-soaked mayhem and abundance of hilarious situations!

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Written and directed by: Matthew John Lawrence
Cinematography by: Kyle Kelley, Michael Sutter
Music by: Christopher Marti
Cast: Chet Siegel, Ruby McCollister, Jeff Riddle, David H. Littleton, Greg Maness, Lucy McMichael
Produced by: Matthew John Lawrence, Nicholas Payne Santos, Kristy Richman
Production Company: Subtle T-Rex
Genre: comedy, horror

16. 07. 2020, 23:00
Open Air Cinema Main Square Ljutomer

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