Wilkolak, 88', Poland, Netherlands, Germany 2018
Language: Polish , Subtitles: eng, slo

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In the summer of 1945, a group of children from concentration camp finds refuge in an abandoned building. But they are facing danger once again as the building is surrounded by killer dogs from the concentration camp. Will they be able to overcome their growing internal conflicts and save their lives?

In his second feature length film, Polish director Adrian Panek offers a fascinating blend of wartime drama, a coming-of-age film and horror movie. The film boasts a fantastic cast of mostly unprofessional young actors and impeccable technical execution. It has already received numerous awards, among others at fantastic film festivals in Sitges and Tallin.

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Written and directed by: Adrian Panek
Cinematography by: Dominik Danilczyk
Music by: Antoni Komasa Łazarkiewicz
Cast: Nicolas Przygoda, Kamil Polnisiak, Sonia Mietielica, Jakub Syska, Helena Mazur, Krzysztof Durski
Produced by: Magdalena Kaminska, Agata Szymanska
Production Company: Balapolis
Genre: drama, horror

18. 07. 2019, 14:00
Culture House Cinema

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