Christina Lindberg: The Original Eyepatch Wearing Butt Kicking Movie Babe

75', Sweden 2018
Language: Swedish , Subtitles: eng

Christina Lindberg docu

From Sweden's foremost centrefold to Quentin Tarantino's favourite actress, Christina Lindberg made some twenty films in the early seventies, then she disappeared. Some were so violent they were immediately banned, others slipped through the cracks of memory. One made her a legend: the 1973 Thriller – A Cruel Picture. Here is an intimate portrait of Christina Lindberg and her life.

We will screen 75-minutes long director's cut from 2018.

Christina Lindberg docu v2
Directed by: Ika Johannesson, Jane Magnusson
Production Company: SVT2
Genre: documentary

19. 07. 2019, 20:00
Culture House Cinema

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