Avenging Force

104', USA 1986
Language: English , Subtitles: slo

Avenging Force still1

Former Military Intelligence man Matt comes to New Orleans to visit his friend Larry who's running for the Senate. When Larry and his family are attacked by members of a right wing paramilitary group, Matt and Larry decide to strike back.

This time around, Michael Dudikoff and Steve James find themselves in a tense, gritty and uncompromising action thriller, filled with interesting villains and amazing fight scenes. Avenging Force might be Sam Firstenberg’s finest film, and its message is still very relevant today.

Avenging Force poster
Written by: James Booth
Cinematography by: Gideon Porath
Music by: George S. Clinton
Cast: Michael Dudikoff, Steve James, James Booth, William Wallace, John P. Ryan, Karl Johnson
Produced by: Menahem Golan, Yoram Globus
Production Company: Cannon Goup
Genre: action

18. 07. 2019, 21:00
Open Air Cinema Main Square

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