Richard Stanley

Soth African-born screenwriter and director is one of the last true mavericks of horror cinema. He has made cult masterpieces Hardware (1990) and Dust Devil (1992) and short films The Sea of Perdition (2006) and The Mother of Toads (2011). He explored various esoteric traditions in his documentaries Voice of the Moon (1990), The Secret Glory (2001), The White Darkness (2002) and The Otherworld (2013). Since 2009, he lives in Montsegur in Southern France, a place known for its occult history.

Jonathan English

Writer, director and producer of the medieval action movies Ironclad and its sequel, Minotaur starring Tom Hardy and producer of A Good Woman starring Scarlett Johansson. Currently resides in Los Angeles and Belgrade and loves the Balkans!

Ivan Nedoh

Director of the Slovenian Cinematheque. Between 1995 and 2010 he was the head of the Slovenian Cinematheque Film Archive Department.






Stjepan Hundić

A film critic from Croatia, worked for publications in Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Austria, including the US magazine The Hollywood Reporter. He's member of FIPRESCI. He was also program director of Libertas Film Festival in Dubrovnik (2005-2011) and is currently co-founder and director of Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival (2011-). He's currently also working on the production of several feature films.


 Milan Todorović

Director, producer and writer. Creator of the first Serbian zombie movie Zone of the Dead (2009) and creature feature Nymph (2014). Graduated in Film and TV Productions from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in 2006. Worked as the producer and the director on several short films prior to founding his own production company. Since 2005 he is the head of Talking Wolf Productions.

Sakari Määttä

International programmer for the Night Visions Film Festival in Helsinki, Finland. Genre film fanatic who loves giallos, exploitation films and 70s horror movies.




Igor Vidmar

Journalist, activist and concert organizer. In 1981 he founded the legendary Novi Rock Festival. He organized literally hundreds of concerts. Momentarily he is one of the authors of the Drugi Val show at Radio Slovenia and a long-time collaborator of TV show Studio City.


Igor Bašin

Rock journalist and music critic. Member of the band Štirje pravi dedci. Author of the book Novi Rock. Together with Igor Vidmar and Janez Golič author and host of the radio show Drugi Val. One of the authors of the documentary on Pankrti, the first winner of the Noisy Cat award at Grossmann 2008.


Matej Končan

Kleemar is no ordinary musician. He is a persona, who has, following his restless spirit, developed an entirely unique approach to creating music.  It would be an error to label Kleemar as (solely) IDM or electronic music artist. Allrounder would be a much better and more fitting term, appropriately describing his musical attitude.