The Vicious Cat competition continues today at 19.00h at the Culture House Cinema where hell will be raised by Norwegian horror comedy Vidar the Vampire, introduced by writer/director/lead actor Thomas Aske Berg, followed by German/Austrian art horror Hagazussa at 21.00h and Chilean extremely violent Trauma.


After the official wine tasting with guests Ivana Rendulić Jelušić and Katarina Pungračič at 18.00h, the Open Air Cinema will at 21.00h host the first Finnish superhero film Rendel, introduced by director Jesse Haaja and actress Bianca Bradey. At 23.00h get ready for the special 50th anniversary screening of sci-fi classic Planet of the Apes.


The Old Square Cinema will at 21.00h offer the 2nd batch of short films in competition for the Slak's Vicious Cat award, followed by Spanish Noisy Cat candidate Geometry of Splendor, documentary on cult industrial band Esplendor Geométrico, at 22.30h.

Already at noon, the Enchanted Cinema program section will take off at the Culture House Cinema with animated film Long Way North, followed by Shock Doc section entry World of Darkness, a splendid documentary on tabletop RPG Vampire: The Masquerade at 15.00h.


The Cellar will from 12.00h to 20.00h host a special film marathon Torture Garden consisting of five fierce films brought to you by Jinga Films.

After the screenings are finished, see you at The Cellar at a special gig featuring American surf rock attraction Daikaju and psychobilly punks from Ljutomer Cyphre Louis.

Full schedule: