On Saturday, the 16th of July, the 12th edition of Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival came to a conclusion with a magnificent closing ceremony.


Honorary Vicious Cat award for lifetime achievement was given to the legendary producer Jan Harlan.


In our competition programs, the following awards were given:

-VICIOUS CAT for best feature film: Scherzo Diabolico (Mexico, USA; 2015; Adrian Garcia Bogliano)

Special mention: Attack of the Lederhosenzombies (Austria; 2016; Dominik Hartl)

-NOISY CAT for best music documentary: Rejects of the Second Generation – Following the Traces of Punk (Slovenia; 2016; Dunja Danial)

-SLAK'S VICIOUS CAT for best short film: The Disappearance of Willie Bingham (Australia; 2015;  Matt Richards)

-MELIES D'ARGENT for best European fantastic short film: Pearlies (Quenottes; Luxembourg; 2015; Pascal Thiebaux, Gil Pinheiro)

-VICIOUS CAT WINE CHAMPION for best wine: Ranfol (Kos)


The winning film of the Little Workshop of Horrors is Samaritan (Vasja Rovšnik).


Jury motivations:

- VICIOUS CAT (Jury: Dragan Jelićić, Marcel Štefančič jr., Uwe Huber)


A rare example of an intense well-acted drama about the horror of everyday life, that turns into a thriller and slasher movie with a lot of unexpected twists and turns, accompanied by some black humor and an amazing classical score.


Special mention:

Among the already worn-out genre of "zom coms", zombie comedies, it has some highly original and funny moments, and a lot of splatter. And with its booze drinking zombies it is very much in the spirit of this festival.


- NOISY CAT (Jury: Igor Vidmar, Dušan Moravec, Boštjan Sovec)


With its rhytm and message, Rejects of the Second Generation is a film which transcends the boundaries af a documentary. The overlooked punk movement of the second generation is shown in a visually interesting way while using convincing cinematic techniques. It is a film that is also important for understanding the current musical, cultural and political situation in Slovenia.


- SLAK'S VICIOUS CAT (Jury: Tomaž Gorkič, Marko Jocić, Mario Kovač)


A technically superb film that deals with one of the most delicate topics of human society. With its deliberate, convincing and compelling cinematic narrative it brings us to the bitter ending that leaves everyone in the audience deeply touched.


-MELIES D'ARGENT (Jury: Tomaž Gorkič, Marko Jocić, Mario Kovač)


This dark and imaginative allegory, full of strong visuals and suggestive music, very succesfuly incorporates the animation of the animal character with live actors while avoiding standard horror tropes.