On Saturday, the 14th of July, the 14th edition of Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival came to a conclusion. This year, we screened 29 feature films, 10 documentaries and 53 short films from 29 countries, with 6 features, 6 documentaries and 25 short films being shown in the competition program.

At the closing ceremony, the following awards were given:

-VICIOUS CAT for best feature film:
ERREMENTARI (Spain, France; 2017; directed by Paul Urkijo Alijo)

Special mention:
VIDAR THE VAMPIRE (Norway; 2018; directed by Thomas Aske Berg and Fredrik Waldeland)

-NOISY CAT for best music documentary:
BUNCH OF KUNST – A FILM ABOUT SLEAFORD MODS (Germany; 2017; directed by Christine Franz)

Special mention:
MUSIC IS THE ART OF TIME 3, LP FILM LAIBACH (Slovenia; 2018; directed by Igor Zupe)

-SLAK'S VICIOUS CAT for best short film:
WYRMWOOD: CHRONICLES OF THE DEAD (Australia; 2017; directed by Kiah Roache-Turner)

-MELIES D'ARGENT, the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation award for best European fantastic short film:
THE BOX (Slovenia; 2017; directed by Dušan Kastelic)

-AUDIENCE AWARD for best feature film:
ERREMENTARI (Spain, France; 2017; directed by Paul Urkijo Alijo)

YELOW MUSCAT 2016 (Kovačič)

The winning film of the Little Workshop of Horrors is MONDAYS (Slovenia; 2017; directed by Staš Milovanović).

Jury motivations:

- VICIOUS CAT (Jury: Julian Richards, Nenad Bekvalac, Ludvik Bagari)

»The 2018 Vicious Cat winner has been decided. It was a close competition between two very different films and after some deliberation the jury decided to present the award to Paul Urkijo Alijo's dark Basque fantasy ERREMENTARI.

The jury were impressed with the ambition of the film and the directors ability to deliver such a fantastic visual spectacle with limited time and resources. The cinematography, production design, costume design and special effects are all worthy of note, as is the casting and performance of young actress Uma Bracaglia who brought a convincing human touch.

ERREMENTARI echoes the work of significant  genre directors such as Ridley Scott (Legend),  Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrnth) and Peter Jackson (Lord Of The Rings) and the jury hope that this award will help the director continue with his vision and carve out a career as significant as his predecessors.

Coming a close second, and therefore receiving a special mention of the jury is Norwegian black comedy VIDAR THE VAMPIRE, a Dogma-esque tale of a hapless vampire in search of love, written, produced, co-directed and starring Thomas Aske Berg.

Bergs infectious energy and smart sense of irony drives the film forward and evokes the work of British comedy actor / film-maker Sascha Baron Cohen (Borat, The Dictator, Ali G).«

- NOISY CAT (Jury: Igor Vidmar, Robbie Davidson, Matej Končan)

»After what was a split decision, the jury reached their verdict, and a hard one at that.
As informative, atmospheric and utterly engrossing as the Laibach movie was, a Bunch on Kunst was simplistic, real and had pure human emotion as well as what was obviously a labour of love chronicling the bands rise to fame filmed over 2 years. Despite their meteoric rise, the lads stayed true to their roots, no fancy stage show, no gimmicks, just two guys giving it their all with a microphone, 3 beer crates and a laptop with their unashamedly raw and unabashed take on the state of the UK and beyond.«

- SLAK'S VICIOUS CAT (Jury: Lee Hardcastle, Dejan Ognjanović, Vasja Rovšnik)

»This film is awarded for its cinematic skills to convey a complex narrative purely through images and sounds, with not a word of dialogue. Dynamic and powerful set-pieces are worthy of the best ones usually found in feature-length films.«

-MELIES D'ARGENT (Jury: Lee Hardcastle, Dejan Ognjanović, Vasja Rovšnik)

»This film is a thought-provoking, universally recognizable parable of uniformity and the struggle against it, told with stunning, unforgettable SF-gothic imagery. It is a darkly comic warning for our times, modern both in its form and its content.«