On Saturday, the 21st of July, the festival will reach its climactic conclusion with our grand free concert event Live Doomsday featuring Avven, Nero Burns and Bottomline! The end of the world has never looked more fun!

The band Avven began their path in 2003, and focused on creating their own music from the very start. They decided to call it “ROCK OF THE EAST” as a tribute to the source of their inspiration.
Their first album Panta Rhei saw the light of day in 2006, after a long period of maturing and ripening, and got some very favorable reviews. After the tour across Slovenia, Avven went back to creating music, for they have always desired to go further and rise even higher. Two years of media silence followed, and finally in 2010, two new singles from the upcoming album were released. Thanks to Ros and Zmaji, the band found themselves back on radio, and gained a great number of new followers. In April 2011, Avven turned a new chapter in their story and released their second album Kastalija.
Avven are at the moment soaring high, and they prove their worth again and again with their live performances. Thought by many to be one of the best Slovenian live performers, their shows will most definitely please your eyes as well as your ears.


Old friends of the festival are mixing the sound of 50s punkabilly, 60s garage punk and 70s rock in the "multipractic", spice it up with distortion, and add a fierce rhytm that provides the noirish swampbilly with needed harshness of retro-futurism.


Bottomline is a rock bend from Novo mesto Slovenia, formed in mid february of 2012. Thanks to their music enthusiasm, they have managed to play quite a number of concerts in such short time. Between the five of them there are many styles of music which inspire them, from hard core punk, heavy metal, grunge, pop rock to classic rock n roll.
Nejc is previously known as a paniter. Under his artistic label NS Art, he has been a guest of Grossmann in previous years with his unique masks and paintings.