Marko Fančović: Orwellian Ones and Zeroes: Why Is Cyberpunk Always Dystopic

A look at the evolution of the cyberpunk subgenre, the time in which it has emerged and how it all influenced the vision of the world which is described in it.

Marko Fančović (b. 1961) is an author, translator, journalist, critic, essayist, comic book writer and lecturer who dedicated most of his professional life to SF and fantasy. He published in Sirius, Alef, Futura, UBIQ, Emitor, Parsek, Sirius B, Monolit, Monolith, Tamni vilajet, Večernji list, KLIK, FFK collections, Regia fantastica and so forth. Among his numerous translations at least works by Dick, Bester, Howard, Pratchett, Gaiman, Elliott, Powers, Burgess, Poe, Stross, Lovecraft and Heinlein have to be mentioned. For decades, Fančović participates in Croatian and foreign conventions where he is welcomed both as lecturer, organizer and collocutor always ready for exchange of views.


29. 10. 2022, 14:00
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Grossmann Fantastic Film And Wine Festival
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