Riva Zmajoki: Dating in Fiction: How Style and Function Become a Calendar

From steampunk to cyberpunk, the use of technology is the central theme of the story. In fiction, the use of technology indicates the time of the events. The presence of vehicles, engine rooms and zeppelins determines the historical era. How to suggest timeliness when the technology hasn't yet been used or even never invented?

Riva Zmajoki (b. 1982) is a philosopher, poet and writer. She publishes fiction since 2005. Her conversation with audience was started by the story "Ormar", published in Književna republika. While working on her magnum opus, she published several novels in English on Amazon. Among them we can find Star Vestige: Uplift which starts an exodus towards the stars, and Dragons Handler which introduces stone dragons and their resistance movement. By jumping into the distant future, we can follow the Emperor's Advisor, chasing his young Emperor across the trails between the stars in the Onlooker saga which begins with Tsar's Road Trip. After nine finished novels, she is finally approaching the finishing of the first book of the Clubtail Asterism universe.


30. 10. 2022, 15:00
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