Simon Habjan: Terminator in the Desert of Reality: Cyberpunk from Steel to Neurons

In the span of a few decades, cyberpunk progressed from metal to neurons. As a visual art, high tech low life - the main motto of the cyberpunk genre – has left its mark on each decade since its emergence. At this lecture, you will find out to what extent it never left and how it always comes back.

Simon Habjan (b. 1977) is a philosopher, lecturer and a founding member of the Meteorita Festival which takes place in Jesenice. He has organized and conducted numerous symposiums, panels and lectures on sci-fi, film and philosophy.


29. 10. 2022, 15:00
Red hall

Občina Ormož
Grossmann Fantastic Film And Wine Festival
Gradimo prihodnost skupaj
Mladinski center Ormož
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