Grossmann in Ljutomer Starts Today!

The Wailing still

After finishing the Ormož portion of the festival, we are moving to Ljutomer. Today, on July 20 at 19.00h, the grand opening will take place with the presentation of competing wines and winemakers at the Main Square.

At 20.30h, Sanja Struna, Film Event Coordinator for the Viennese Embassy of the Republic of Korea, will introduce us to the world of South Korean horror cinema. At 21.00h, supernatural horror The Wailing, directed by Hong-jin Na, will take us to a remote village plagued by mysterious murders.

Already at 19.00h, the Culture House Cinema will host the first screening in Ljutomer, Estonian dark comedy Kratt by Rasmus Merivoo, a very special and original blend of youth film and horror.

In the City Hall atrium, there will be a screening of short films from the Slak's Vicious Cat competition at 21.00h, followed by short films from the Fantastic Side of the Alps section at 22.45h. At 23.15h, the time will come for music documentary Farewell by Petra Seliškar, dedicated to the king of Slovenian singers-songwriters Tomaž Pengov.

You're in for five more days of film, wine and numerous other delights, so take a brave step into the fierce world of fantasy and music!