Take a Look at the Wine and Accompanying Program

GROSSMANN 2021 ANG fb 960 x 502

The whole program of this year's Grossmann Festival is now online, defiantly smirking at the times of crisis with its previously unmatched opulence!

In the Vicious Cat Wine Champion competition we present Revolution from Tourist Farm Hlebec, šipon from Kos winery, traminers from Kovačič Wines and Marič Wines, and Zara Cuvée from Tourist Farm at the Village End. Special guest of the wine program is Boštjan Zidar, Chief Winemaker at Vinakoper, who will be accompanied by Slovenian Wine Queen Ana Pavlin.

In the accompanying program, special attention will be given to South Korean horror cinema, to which we this year dedicate a special retrospective. Film event coordinator at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Vienna Sanja Struna, along with O.B.O.D. podcast hosts Mito Gegič, Igor Harb and Aljoša Harlamov, will take a closer look at featured films, as well as other classic titles.

For all avid readers, there will be presentations of new books by Dejan Ognjanović and Davorin Bešvir.

This year will finally see the unique Zombie Drive-by, first of its name, organized in collaboration with Citroën Club of Slovenia and Creative Society ART Klub 7.

All of this and more is contained in the wine and accompanying program, brought to you to further enhance the already powerful experience of this year's festival's rich film harvest!

Friday is drawing nigh, so won't you please get ready for a flight into the wonderful world of fantasy and wine!