The 17th Grossmann Festival Starts Today!

Death Line

It's been a long, long wait, but now it's time for fantastic film and wine!

The 17th Grossmann Festival will first conquer the city of Ormož, all the way to Sunday. The grand opening will take place at 20.30h in front of the Castle Manor House.

At 21h at the same location, the audience will be graced by the presence of our guest of honour, American director Gary Sherman, who will introduce his cult cannibal classic Death Line, celebrated as one of the ten most important British horror films of the 20th century.

Tomorrow at 17.00h at the Castle Cinema, Gary Sherman will also give a very special Master Class on incredible special effects in Poltergeist III, which is something that every film buff cannot afford to miss!

Our film program will start already at 17.00h at the Castle Cinema with the 1st block of fierce short films from our Slak's Vicious Cat competition.

At 19.00h at the Culture House Cinema, it will be time for 12 Hour Shift, a brilliant horror comedy by American director Brea Grant with amazing Angela Bettis in the role of a nurse who makes ends meet by trafficking human organs with hilarious (and also horrendous) consequences!

At 23.00h at the Open Air Cinema Castle Manor House, laughter and screams will be provided by Kazakh dark comedy sensation Sweetie, You Won't Believe It, directed by Ernar Nurgaliyev, where pitch black humour meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre, resulting in a red hot spicy cinematic dish! Do not miss any of it, by any means! See you there!