The 18th Grossmann Festival Starts Today


The 18th Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival starts today in Ormož.

The program begins at 15.00h with a screening of amateur short films by young enthusiasts from the region.

At 16.00h we will continue in Unterhund with Australian documentary Beyond the Wasteland.

At 17.00h, the Castle Cinema offers the first block of short films competing for Slak's Vicious Cat award.

At 18.00h, the grand opening will take place at the Castle Manor.

A real treat awaits in Unterhund at 19.00h, a special screening of F.W. Murnau's classic horror Nosferatu, to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The screening will be accompanied by live performance by Mitja Reichenberg.

At 21.00h, our guest of honour Jack Sholder will greet you for the first time to announce the screening of A NIghtmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge.